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Grange Spa’s specialist dog grooming services at both our Tauranga and Mount Maunganui locations ensure your faithful friend always looks their best!

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Professional Grooming care from nose to tail

Whether it be a bath and blow-dry or a full groom, we provide a professional and individual service. Only good old fashioned grooming skills are used, with our staff always going the extra mile to make sure your dog has as relaxing an experience as possible. We work with all sizes of dogs, across a range of grooming needs. Get in touch with our team today to find out more and to book your dog in for a groom.

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Fabulous facilities and staff that really care about your dog, they go the extra mile to keep the animals happy and healthy.

Amy Sharplin

Nail trimming, hair cuts & more

Dogs need a nail trim once a month. They don’t like it though and if you get it wrong, you’ll cut the nail too short. That’s why you need professional groomers. The Grange Spa grooming team are highly experienced at cutting nails to the appropriate length, and doing so quickly and efficiently to avoid upsetting the dog. We’re also experts in hair cuts, particularly for breeds such as poodles, and in giving dogs a bath and blow-dry too.

There are currently two Grange Spa Canine Resort locations for dog grooming: one in Tauranga and one in Mount Maunganui. The Tauranga site is at 42 Birch Avenue, whilst Mount Grange Spa at 3/83 Newton St. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions about either site.

A small dog standing on a table as their toetails clipped in a dog grooming setting

Dog grooming with lots of pampering

Just like our Tauranga location, we have a professional dog grooming service at Grange Spa Mount Maunganui as well as daycare.

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