Specialist Dog
Training Services

We’re passionate about helping people have the best relationship with their dogs through fun and effective dog training workshops and individualised behaviour management.

K9 College – our classes
for young dogs

K9 College is the next step up from puppy preschool and is for dogs aged 4 to 18 months. In a safe, fun environment, you’ll learn some basic obedience training for your dog. We’ll teach you, the owner, how to train your dog to behave in public, particularly when they have distractions.

We use force free and game based training methods. Some of the areas we focus on are impulse control, manners, walking calmly beside you, sitting down, staying and then coming on your command.

Classes run for six weeks on weeknights at Grange Spa Tauranga and Grange Spa Mount Maunganui. To find out more, or to enquire about booking your place, simply send us your contact details and a quick message using the form below.

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Fabulous facilities and staff that really care about your dog, they go the extra mile to keep the animals happy and healthy.

Amy Sharplin

The rapid recall

This two hour workshop is for dog owners who are nervous when unclipping the leash or struggle to get their dog to return when they call. This workshop focuses on the owner’s engagement with their dog, encouraging a bond so the dog will want to be with them and will return when called.

These workshops are usually held on a Sunday. To find out more, or to enquire about booking your place, simply send us your contact details and a quick message using the form on this page.

Stay n’ train sessions

In these sessions, available to dogs at our daycare on any weekday, we take the nourishment beyond the bowl and use it to shape desirable behaviours. With dogs being dropped off to daycare with their breakfast, we use the food and fun games to address behaviour such as jumping up, pulling on the leash, impulse control and more.

To find out more, simply ask one of our team at your next daycare visit, or send us a message using the contact form on this page.

Swimming classes for dogs

We have seasonal swimming classes for daycare dogs at our Tauranga location. A staff member is in the pool as dogs are gently introduced to the pool environment. All dogs start out wearing life jackets and work to build up strength so that the lifejacket can be removed.

These sessions are designed to help dogs gain water confidence under close supervision. They are also great for weight loss, fitness, water confidence, brain stimulation or just a fun way to cool off. Sessions run for 10 to 15 minutes as longer sessions can be too much for dogs. Dogs swim for two to three minutes at a time, followed by a one-minute break.

Trick training workshops

Trick training is for owners who would like their dog to learn a trick that they can use at home. There are many tricks that can be taught to dogs during their stay at daycare, such as weaving through legs, bowing and closing a door.

To find out more, simply send our team a message using the contact form on this page.